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Neural Data Analysis


Strfpak is a stand-alone software package to estimate the spatio-temporal receptive fields. The algorithm uses a variant of ridge regression to normalize and regularize the solution. Goodness of fit is assessed by cross-validation. The program includes a full GUI. Strpfpak is available at

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Strflab is a comprehensive set of matlab routines to estimate receptive fields using both ridge regression and gradient descent approaches. Strflab can be used to fit generalized linear models. Strflab does not have a GUI but includes a set of tutorials. Strflab is available at

Sound Analysis

Mod Spectrum

Modulation Spectrum and Filtering

Sounds can be analyzed in terms of their spectral and temporal modulation by estimating the 2D fourier transform of the log spectrogram. Sounds can also be filtered in this space as in Elliott and Theunissen (2010). Here is the matlab code:

ModFilter Sound Tools


Neural Data


CRCNS Neurophysiological Data

Much of our neurophysiolgoical data is available to all. It is stored in the NSF funded data repository:

Neural Data